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The CityCraft Foundation is a 501-C-3 national foundation with three pathways that heal the social, economic and environmental fabric of our communities long-term. These pathways are:
* Healthy
* Restorative
* 21st Century Career

The mission of the Foundation includes improving the opportunity for quality education, promoting human growth and literacy and artistic expression, developing new career pathways to success, and sharing an understanding and appreciation of the local environment and sustainable living practices, thereby inspiring deep civic pride and love for all corners of the city. To this end, the Foundation serves as a facilitative, umbrella organization for many of the nonprofit entities in the areas they serve and assists in the coordination of various community activities.

The Six Program Areas Are: Environment, Human Health, Economic Development, Social Justice, Education, Arts and Culture

The CityCraft Foundation supports the mission of CityCraft Ventures by improving the opportunity in our cities for:
– quality education,
– promoting human growth and literacy and artistic expression,
– developing new career pathways to success,
– sharing an understanding and appreciation of the local environment and sustainable living practices

Our emphasis on the triple bottom line guides us as we address the long term environmental, economic and social challenges of our communities. This vision is based on a balance of people, planet, and prosperity – embodying the belief that sustainable cities must be equally responsive to social needs, environmental responsibility, and economic vitality.

Belief in Importance of Socially Durable Communities
We recognize that socially durable communities have two core elements that are essential to their long-term social and fiscal health:
* Each member of the community understands the unique history and heritage of their social community and physical place.
* Each member of the community holds in common a vision for the future to which they help contribute.

The dysfunction that we find in our cities, businesses and other organizations can always be traced to these core elements. It is this understanding that causes us to commit significant time and resources to the inventory of historic, economic, ecological and culture resources of a community over the course of time. Our community involvement process is organized to achieve the creation of a common vision and an ongoing process to evolve and mature that vision over time.

Sustainable Partnering of Resources2 The failure to build our communities and manage them around these core elements for socially durable communities means that our cities are faced with a mounting financial crisis. This crisis is driven by competition for limited resources, the failure to connect the beneficiaries with the responsibility of creation and maintenance, and the lack of reserve funding for infrastructure repair and maintenance, as well as developing a social capital reserve.

It has become very clear that we have too many narrowly defined interests competing for too few resources both in the public and private sector. We believe that the issue is not a lack of money but how funds are allocated. We believe that all planning and resourcing should be guided by these principles:

* Eliminate silo thinking in funding of any community resource
* Increase the number of groups with a vested interest in any community resource as users and beneficiaries
* Leverage and combine the resources of Public, Private, and NGO entities in the creation of any community resource
* Align interests to build broader constituencies to support, long term, community resources
* Connect the capital and operating budgets when planning any investment
* Establish reserve fund mechanisms to handle future repair, maintenance, and replacement costs
* Design the community into the care and stewardship of each community resource

Core Values
1. Respect is at the core of every successful human relationship and endeavor.
2. All endeavors are approached with a forensic process that starts with observation and enquiry versus a formula orientation
3. Successful problem solving starts upstream with systems thinking.
4. Community Involvement is essential to great planning and places equal value on the wisdom of the culture and the talent of the planning and development professionals.
5. All decisions will be made to serve the long-term health of the economy, ecology and social fabric of the community being directly developed as well as the larger community in which it participates.
6. All planning and decision-making favors collaboration and is based on “Sustainable Partnering of Resources.”
7. Successful City redevelopment requires a bold collaboration of public, private and NGO sectors.
8. All resources are interdependent in natural as well as human communities.

Utilization of Sanborn Principles
* Healthy Indoor Environment for Occupants
* Ecologically Healthy
* Socially Just
* Culturally Creative
* Beautiful
* Physically and Economically Accessible
* Evolutionary


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