logoThe CityCraft Foundation was formed in 2013 transitioning the North Charleston, South Carolina based Noisette Foundation formed in 2004 from a community foundation to a national foundation.

About The Noisette Foundation
Partnering with the City of North Charleston, South Carolina the Noisette Community Master Plan set forth a vision for “a vibrant, healthy city embracing its heritage and celebrating its role in the community, ecosystem and marketplace.”  The master plan for the Noisette Community is a physical blueprint for building healthy communities.  The Noisette Foundation was formed in 2004 to ensure that this vision is kept and that no one is left out of the process.  The vision set out to design a healthy pathway for all citizens from conception to death so that they are able to achieve their highest potential in all aspects of their lives.  The neighborhoods of North Charleston must offer each citizen a healthy pathway to lifelong learning, career development, housing, an appreciation for our coastal environment, local art and culture and the deep satisfaction that comes from contributing to one’s community through service in the interest of others.


The Noisette Community Master Plan for the New American City required a new set of institutions that were organized to support a sustainable culture, which respected and served long term the health of the economy, environment and the social fabric of the community. These institutions needed to subscribe to the two core elements of Socially Durable Communities and the Principles of Sustainable Partnering of Resources outlined in the Master Plan. These institutions were guided by and supported collaboration not competition, a connected and involved community, community harmony not divisiveness, the importance of connection to our natural world, and the necessity of each member being knowledgeable of the historic legacy of this place called Noisette.

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A Truly Sustainable Culture that is Environmentally Conscious and Socially Just
The Noisette Foundation was a catalyst for collaborative neighborhood redevelopment in North Charleston. The Foundation identified local communitystrengths, listened closely to residents and promoted successful local projects. It studied persistent social problems and worked to enhance neighborhood problems solving through research, advocacy and the development of relevant solutions.




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