His Way Ministries

What is His Way Ministries?

His Way Ministry is a post-prison ministry. The mission is to respond effectively to the needs of ex-offenders, to help prevent crime, and to reduce recidivism. The core of the program consists of Christian men and women gathering together to offer effective solutions to the problems that ex-offenders face during reentry back into society. His Way addresses the spiritual, physical, and mental needs of the ex-offender.

Why was His Way Ministries Needed?

Statistics indicate that over 60& of the inmates released or place on probation eventually are re-arrested for another offense within three years. It was discovered that many repeat offenders were not provided a pathway that deterred them from the use of criminal acts as a survival mechanism. In many cases, the ex-offenders, unable to adjust to life on the outside, commit more crime merely to return to prison. The difficulty facing ex-offenders are well documented and studied. There is a struggle to find jobs, housing, and other basic survival resources. Along with this setback, many face challenges with substance abuse, illiteracy, and lack of social and employment skills.

How to get more info on this topic?

Contact Jack McGovern (843) 763-5494
36 Muirfield Parkway Charleston, SC 29414-6803

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