Lowcountry Local First

What is Lowcountry Local First?
Lowcountry Local First is an alliance that educates the public on the importance of supporting the local economy and encourages businesses and consumers to be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. Lowcountry Local First is one of over 60 networks of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). LLF envisions a sustainable global economy as a network of Local Living Economies, building long-term economic empowerment and prosperity in communities through local business ownership, economic justice, cultural diversity, and a health natural environment. The public is educated on how to create a sustainable business, vote with dollars, buy and sell locally, support local agriculture.
  • Why was Lowcountry Local First needed?
    Lowcountry Local First was created to help promote sustainable agriculture, stimulate the local economy, and promote environmental responsibility and understanding. Lowcountry Local First works on implementing systems that help provide local produce while supporting area farmers and independent businesses to create wealth by engaging local people in the production, marketing, and consumption of goods, which translates into tax revenue needed to reinvest in these communities.
  • How to get more information on this topic?
    1345 Avenue G #AA
    North Charleston, SC 29405
    amy@lowcountrylocalfirst.org http://www.lowcountrylocalfirst.org
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