SC Reentry Initiative

Name of Organization: SC Reentry Initiative

What is the SC Reentry Initiative?
The South Carolina Reentry Initiative (SCRI), is a nonprofit progressive movement that focuses on informing communities of ways that are proven through research to prevent crime. This program is transforming into the South Carolina Crime Reduction Coalition (SC CRC). The initiative studies and presents evidence-based practices and strategies. It is a comprised of formerly incarcerated individuals, policy makers, service providers, law enforcement, and those citizens from communities who are aware of the need to improve the criminal justice system. SC CRC promotes research, education, and communication about prisoner release issues that reduces the chances of return to criminal behavior, thereby strengthening local communities.

Why was SC Reentry Initiative Necessary?
With a local prisoner recidivism rate of over 67% and the direct and indirect cost of $50,000 per inmate/yr, the SC CRC represents a progressive movement aimed at lowering the rate by informing communities of ways to prevent crime. Through education, research, and organizing for justice reform, the SCRI is unique in that it brings together individuals from every part of the justice process to find solutions to some of the shortfall of the criminal justice system.

South Carolina does very little to prepare its prison inmates for release and re-settlement in the community. Roughly 1,400 inmates are released annually back to the counties of Charleston and Berkeley. Local police agencies report that these returning inmates often re-offend so quickly that local police and probation monitor their return as a way of interdicting crime. For years these counties have sent to prison and gotten back roughly the same number of inmates. The SC Crime Reduction Coalition’s goal is educate the community about this overlooked source of crime and some of the best practices in use to reduce crime by helping inmates locate the tools that they need to break the cycle of crime.

What does SC Reentry Initiative do?
SCRI has been successful at bringing together key stakeholders and creating partnerships that facilitate effective knowledge and resource sharing. The organization has brought national attention to the reentry barriers and opportunities within SC through partnerships with organizations such as PEW Center on the States and Delancey Street. Similarly, they have continuously encouraged and highlighted the importance of using evidence-based strategies for reducing recidivism. Developed in this way, the Lowcountry Civic Justice Corps, was created with the help of SCRI committee members, the Noisette Foundation, and several AmeriCorps*VISTAs. In addition, SCRI continues to promote awareness on reentry topics by hosting and participating in conferences, summits, and other community-wide events.

Where can I get more info on this topic?

SCRI has incorporated and elected a new Board. The new organization is the SC Crime Reduction Coalition. Chairman of the Board is Thomas Dixon.

PO Box 20753, Charleston, SC 29413

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